Inspired by the song ‘Wild Horses’ by The Rolling Stones, Spangsberg offers an insightful reevaluation of the gestural line, with an emphasis on interpersonal relationships. In Spangsberg's practice, the line can articulate presence, evoke depth and question representation. Most notably evident in her one-line, blind portraits where likeness is not the desired outcome. Instead, Spangsberg calls upon the viewer to consider what is there and what is absent, how they’re looking, and if they’re truly seeing. For ‘Wild Horses’ the artist has extended her one-line practice to also include non-human depictions, engaged on this occasion with the equine (horse). Experimenting with subject matter and technique, the three horse paintings in the exhibition are a result of the artist using her left hand. This marks the first occasion in which Spangsberg has used this practice. 

For her second show with Jerico Contemporary, Spangsberg introduced a new colour palette in her portraits. Experimenting with a more figurative style, Christiane Spangsberg continues to experiment and evolve. With over thirty works ‘Wild Horses’ was the largest solo exhibition for the artist.

Christiane Spangsberg was born in Denmark in 1989. ‘Wild Horses’ was Christiane Spangsberg’s second solo exhibition with the gallery. Her solo exhibitions include ‘In a Crowded Place’, 208 Bowery, New York, United States (2017); ‘A Summer in the Nude’, Jerico Contemporary, Sydney, Australia (2017). The artist currently lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark.  

Installation View: Christiane Spangsberg, 'Wild Horses'. Image: @docqment

Installation View: Christiane Spangsberg, 'Wild Horses'. Image: @docqment