Christiane Spangsberg (b.1989) lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark. In Spangsberg's practice, the line can articulate presence, evoke depth and question representation. Most notably evident in her one-line, blind portraits where likeness is not the desired outcome. Instead, Spangsberg calls upon the viewer to consider what is there and what is absent, how they’re looking, and if they’re truly seeing. 

For her first show with Jerico Contemporary, Spangsberg has also created two series of female nude drawings. Throughout each series is a careful balance of the feminine and masculine, with the female form presented as soft, yet strong, powerful, but gentle - something the artist herself likens to the ocean:

“I want to challenge how we as humans perceive and experience the nude. I like to think of the female form as like the ocean - light, but consistent. I want the exhibition to show these attributes that I see in a woman.”

Our current exhibition, A Summer in the Nude marks the first occasion Christiane Spangsberg’s work has been exhibited internationally.

Selected Works: