Ceramicist Paige Northwood is an artist of the earth, her practice is founded in tactility and bodily resonance. It involves the artist continuously working the clay; kneading, shaping, folding, pushing, pulling and prodding to activate the earth into another form.

In the artists practice, we see an intrinsic relationship between the earth and the body, as well as the mind. In this manner the work she produces can be seen as the manifestation of her inner psyche, in the artists own words, 'I am my work. It's a pure expression of my being, a doorway to the infinite potential of existence.'

'The Mind That Bends' offers a poetic and insightful reconsideration of ceramics that can be considered in two categories. The first, a series of curvaceous, sculptural hand built vessels. The second includes two variations of wall-based ceramics which in their experimental nature could be described as a kind of three dimensional sculptural ceramic painting. All of which have been fired by stoneware gas reduction.

Paige Northwood was born on the South Coast of Sydney in 1988.  'The Mind that Bends' is the artists' first solo exhibition. The artist currently lives and works in Austinmer, Australia. 


Jerico Contemporary presented Paige Northwood's debut solo exhibition with the gallery, ‘The Mind that Bends’. The show opened on March 22nd, and continued through April 7th, 2018.


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