Jerico Contemporary Kirsty Neilson 2018

Jerico Contemporary is pleased to present Kirsty Neilson's debut solo exhibition with the gallery, entitled ‘The Sound of Silence’. The show opens on November 22nd, and will continue through December 15th, 2018. 

‘True silence is hard to come by’ - Kirsty Neilson

'The Sound of Silence' explores the artists' life as a pianist and the her relationship to to what she describes as the 'mystery of music, the emotion of a minor chord, how melodies sing and how it transports you to another time and world.' Music inherently depends on silence, in some form or another. The absence of sound often becoming a time for contemplation and for Neilson; a time for self reflection. This exhibition is dedicated to the artists’ late piano teacher, Sue Martinu.

Kirsty Neilson was born in Sydney, Australia in 1987. 'The Sound of Silence' is her first solo exhibition. Her recent prizes include, Finalist, The Archibald Prize (2018), Finalist, The Portia Geach Memorial Prize (2017), Finalist, The Archibald Prize (2016), Winner, The Mosman Art Prize Viewers Choice Award (2014). The artist currently lives and works in Australia. 



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