Jerico Contemporary is pleased to announce Holly Ryan's debut solo exhibition with the gallery, entitled ‘A Carved Revelation’. The show opens on February 8th, and will continue through February 24th, 2018. 

As an artist, Ryan exists in a space all of her own - a space she has carved out for herself in her sculptural works, with her organic yet refined approach to aesthetic principles. Employing a diversity of materials - hebel, sandstone, timber and steel - the artist has created a series of three-dimensional portraits that while are largely informed by the face, extend beyond a realistic depiction of a recognisable image rather are evocative of the many faces we wear. 

Holly Ryan was born on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland in 1988. Internationally recognized for her eponymous jewellery label, Ryan has recently extended her sculptural practice to include three-dimensional figurative and biomorphic forms. 'A Carved Revelation' is the artists' first exhibition. The artist currently lives and works in Sydney, Australia. 

 Installation View: Holly Ryan, 'A Carved Revelation'. Image: @docqment

Installation View: Holly Ryan, 'A Carved Revelation'. Image: @docqment



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