Darren McDonald,  Rose,  2019

Darren McDonald, Rose, 2019

Jerico Contemporary is pleased to present Darren McDonald’s debut solo exhibition with the gallery, entitled ‘Disappear Here’. The show opens on May 16th and will continue through June 1st, 2019. 

Photographed between Brooklyn, Paris, and the beaches of Malibu, all the way to the vast expanses of Patagonia, McDonald’s photographs are caught on a feeling—their visual narrative defying the specifics of time and place.

Instead, the photographs capture the beauty in the ephemeral moment—of bodies in space; a whisper of smoke; a decaying flower; the hour after sunrise as the day unfurls. Impermanence becomes the subject.

McDonald’s images range from still life to landscapes—sometimes subtle, sometimes sublime, revealing intricacies and details only real on reflection.

Disappear Here; just for a moment.


Born 1983, Hong Kong. The artist currently lives in New York, USA, and works between London, UK, and Sydney, Australia. His commercial work has appeared in various editions of Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, ELLE, Interview, and V magazine. His commercial clients include Google, Furla and the Museum of Contemporary Art. Disappear Here is the artists first exhibition.