Jerico Contemporary is pleased to announce Andrew Yip's debut solo exhibition with the gallery, entitled ‘Tessera’. The show opens on April 12th, and will continue through April 28th, 2018. 

In 'Tessera' new media artist Andrew Yip presents digital relics and artefacts from an archaeological dig in a virtually constructed world. The works in the exhibition form an archaeology of images, where familiar symbols and motifs from the history of art become data objects that are arranged and rearranged in virtual space. These objects are uncanny, unreal, science fictive.

While the works borrow from the traditions of 17th-century Dutch still life painting, they can exist only within the virtual technologies of the 21st century. Even so, these objects are no less vessels for cultural data that convey meanings about life and death across time and place. 

Dr Andrew Yip works in experimental new media ranging from computer-generated imagery to large scale virtual reality environments. His artistic practice reflects on histories of art and images. Andrew is a researcher and resident 3D artist at the iCinema Centre for Interactive Cinema Research, UNSW, where he creates immersive works at the forefront of interactive design. Yip creates virtual reality installations for artists and museums. 'Tessera' is the artists' first solo exhibition. The artist currently lives and works in Sydney, Australia. 



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