"Virility, veiled by delicate frocks if not for a fleeting moment" 
- Alex Tracey

Jerico Contemporary is pleased to announce Alex  Tracey's debut solo exhibition with the gallery, entitled ‘Boys’. The show opens on May 3rd, and will continue through May 19th, 2018. 

It is unusual to feel so much when looking at a photograph and be unable to grasp exactly what that feeling is. Yet this is precisely the response one has when looking at Alex Tracey’s work. There is tension to his photographic practice, that leads one feeling simultaneously attracted and disturbed. More than a photograph, the artist offers a tone, an essence, a sensation.

Photographed on medium format film, over a two-year period in the Northern Rivers Hinterland, ‘Boys’ is the latest body of work by the Australian artist. While photographed in the unpredictable natural environment, the artist plans and constructs the settings in meticulous detail before picking up the camera and capturing the scene.  This lengthy conceptual planning process then allows for the unexpected when it comes to the sitter.

While the subjects may at first seem tough, unsettling, or even dangerous the artist captures a vulnerability and fragility to these young men that is often overlooked. At the centre of his practice is the representation of male identity, drawing associations between masculine and feminine archetypes. In presenting the boys in dresses, and traditionally feminine clothing, Tracey subverts ideas of masculinity. Undressing his subjects and revealing the softer side of their identity.

Alex Tracey was born in 1994, in Sydney Australia, and currently lives and works in Byron Bay, Australia.The artist has worked as commercial photographer for several years, only recently extending his practice to focus on fine art. Jerico Contemporary is pleased to present ‘Boys’, the artists' debut solo exhibition



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